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moon-buggy review by jboy 30-Nov-03

           _ _  ___  ___  ___  ____/ /  __ _____ ____ ___ __
         /  ' \/ _ \/ _ \/ _ \/___/ _ \/ // / _ `/ _ `/ // /
        /_/_/_/\___/\___/_//_/   /_.__/\_,_/\_, /\_, /\_, /

There's a bit of  the excitement I used to feel  playing Frogger in this
game.  It's  the  kind  of   excitement  you  are  embarrased  to  admit
to actually feeling.  As  another reviewer,  ssinct,  points  out,  it's
``stupid(ly addictive)''  and ``buggy.''  It's pointless, too. And ugly.
And monotonous.  A complete  floccinaucinihilipilification of  reason. A
nuisance to  my space bar.  Detrimental to my  intellectual development.
Probably hazardous to my  health.  It causes  social isolation  and will
probably catapult me back into singlehood faster than I can say ``Common
Foreign and Security Policy.'' I may even spill my coffee on my keyboard
in frustration or utter underwhelmment over this game one of these days. 

If  the  moon  is  anything  like the  moon  portraited  in  this  game,
generations  of  romantic poets  could  have  written odes  to  behemoth
dairy-free  cheeses,  the beauty of  Margaret Thatcher  or  the elegance
of structural functionalism instead of the moon and been no less lacking
in subject matter.

And, despite all that...
                                                               it's fun.