ASCII-GAMES - Play and Review
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How do I go about playing these games?

First you need a TELNET or SSH client.
(JAVA based TELNET/SSH are both available on SDF's website)
Second you need to create a free user account on
Once you have a shell account, you can login and play the games.
Additionally there are older games available via our TOP-20 system.
To play those games, TELNET to '', login 'new' then type
'help games' to see a list.

How do I review a game I've played?

You'll have to be at least a validated SDF user to do so.
If you are validated, then just type 'game-review' and follow
the instructions. Hint: Be creative!

I'm a game author, how do I contact you?
Follow the steps above to create an account, and ask for us
in the 'com' program.