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wanderer review by blazzy 30-Jan-04

Wanderer is often referred to as a "rogue like" game. Aside from the
perspective and the appearance of the avatar, there is nothing rogue like
about this game.  Wanderer is a puzzle game--not a stat building dungeon

     <|> - a spider?

Wanderer puts the player in the role of what might be a spider. As the in
game help says, "At least, that's what you look like." The game has 61
screens(levels) to it. The objective is to collect all the money and get
to the exit on each of these screens. There are, of course, obstacles to
overcome along the way.

Boulders, speeding arrows, exploding mines, and monsters are all carefully
positioned to kill the spider if it makes a wrong move in its mad dash for
money. Each screen is solved by manipulating these obstacles  against each
other in order to clear a safe path to each pocket of money--and to the
exit. Avoiding death is the easy part of the game. Aside from the need to
keep the obstacles from killing the spider, there is the much trickier
task of keeping them from blocking off the objectives.

Initially, a large amount of solving each screen involves mindless trial
and error. Fortunately, as the game progresses, there are enough sections
that can make the player stop to think and maybe even become stumped.  To
me, the times when I'm a little stumped are what make the game worth
playing.  The sudden "aha" moments, when I finally realize a solution
make me truly appreciate the design of each screen.

What does a spider do with money? I'm not sure I want to know. Try not to
think too hard about the setting. The game is just a series of interesting
little puzzles to be solved.