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suicide review by ssinct 21-Nov-03

While I wouldn't neccessarily classify this as a 'game', per-se, it
does, however, offer an amusing (albeit brief) respite from trying
to use fucking sed. 

After the frustration of seeing that

dirs=`find . -follow -type d | sed -e 's%^./%%' | grep -v $idir/ \
| grep -v'^\.' | grep -v '/\.' | sort`

is not quite what I'm looking for, watching an animated stick figure
sloshed by an animated stick car into many sticky pieces does offer
some strange voyeuristic pleasures. 

Screenshot: (warning this basically ruins a third of the 'game' 
since the 3 stick suicide animations are.... well..... alone... 
in the grand world of stick animation suicice)


Hey! You! Watch out for the CAR !!!!


 ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
                                                        _/-__    o
                                                        =o--o+   X
                                                          Bye sick world !!

6 sickeningly sick stick smashes out of 16 sickeningly sick stick smashes. 
(btw, thats obviously not a real rating, but try saying it 10 times really fast)